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Best 05 Guitar Strings in India in 2021 Leave a comment

Guitars are one of the essential musical instrument, especially when we talk about playing instrumental music. The main part of a guitar is strings. These strings can easily break or lose their tensile strength , because of which a guitarist always keep a spare collection with him. There is so many name in the market, It can be challenging to choose the best guitar strings. In this article, we are discussing top 05 best guitar strings suitable for an acoustic guitar. This article will help you to find out the best guitar string available in the market, no matter if you are a pro player or a beginner.

1. D’Addario Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

D’Addario is one of the most prominent players in the musical instruments and the required accessories. This strings have round core, which means you can generate the old, forgotten vintage tunes with great flexibility. The sound characteristics of this particular string are amazing, which a varying graph, which helps you to play the tones you like the most, starting with lower to the high pitched notes.

What We Like

  • Highly sustainable guitar string
  • Long- lasting lifetime
  • Core made of high carbon steel alloy
  • Made from zinc and bronze combination


  • Dimension- 13111 cm
  • Weight- 11 gm
  • Material- bronze
  • Suitability- acoustic guitar
  • Batteries- no

2. Alice Bronze Acoustic Guitar String

These strings are light gauge strings, which mean the tension in the strings will be small. You can easily adjust the tightness to produce a wide range of sounds, starting from the smaller notes to the higher ones. Surrounding the core is a copper layer, which makes the strings highly sustainable.

What We Like

  • Sustainable and long- living strings
  • Made from matte material fabric
  • Lighter gauge to help you avoid strains


  • Weight- 31.8 gm
  • Gauge- Light
  • Color- phosphor bronze
  • Material- stainless steel

3. Dhingra Musicals Ziko Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

The thickness of these strings is not huge, and hence they have an extra light gauge. The strings only have thirty grams of weight, which is perfect for guitarists accustomed to the lightest strings, In general, lighter strings will have less tensile strength, which is why they can play a gentler and warmer tone.

What We Like

  • Extra light strings for prolonged vibrations
  • Lesser tensile strength
  • Can be used with different guitar combination
  • Total six strings are present in the pack


  • Weight- 30 gm
  • color- silver
  • Gauge- extra light
  • Material- stainless

4. Givson Acoustic Guitar Strings Stainless Steel Material

Steel core material helps make high pitched sounds, so you will be able to play a wide range of tones using these strings. Having only twenty grams of weight, this is one of the best guitar strings you can have in the market. It is a light gauge string, and hence you won’t have to worry about the tension in the strings.

What We Like

  • Light gauge in the strings
  • Standard tensile strength
  • Perfect for acoustic guitars
  • Lightweight strings for better playing


  • Weight- 20 gm
  • Material- stainless steel
  • Batteries- no
  • Dimension- 11121 cm

5. Ibanez IACS6C Acoustic Guitar Strings

When it comes to the guitar strings, you will have two different material options, out of which stainless steel is the most available one. However, if you want to use a different string material, this is the ideal choice as here you will have an alloy material made with eighty percent bronze and twenty percent zinc. The material of the string is so flexible that it helps you to wind the ropes around the knobs at the end of the guitar. You will have six different in terms of the string gauge: .012, .016, .024, .032, .042, and .053.

What We Like

  • Light gauge strings to have low tension force
  •  Strings have anti-corrosion coating
  •  Steel material as the core
  •  Lightweight strings


  • Weight- 30 gm
  • Gauge- light
  • Dimension- 10.5*10.5*1.2 cm
  • Number- 6

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