SENSOR ACTUATOR Fits ROLAND HD-1 Hi Hat Pedal Rubber Part (One rubber)

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Size:One rubber

Name: HD-1 Pedal parts
A:one rubber
B:one rubber and one sensor
Choose what you need.
Warranty: 3 years
Features: better elasticity, silicone parts are made of imported silica gel,
the sensor switch is advanced precision electronic components, longer life and more sensitive.
Replacement tool: screwdriver
Reason for purchase:
Time-lapse silicone parts and sensor switches are aging,
resulting in discordant sounds when playing, and new parts need to be replaced.
Hold the pedal and the bottom plate with one hand first,
and then use a screwdriver to unscrew all the fixing screws at the bottom and slowly release them. Because there is a line inside, the wire may be broken. But as long as you let go slowly, it will be fine, because the maintenance allowance has been considered in the engineering design. A: Change silicone parts: The easiest way to do this is to pull out the silicone pieces that are hard and elastic, and then push the new silicone parts in place. No difficulty! Change it, please reload it. If the problem is solved, you don’t need to change the sensor. It’s a little complicated, keep it. B: Change the sensor: First, the old sensor needs to be peeled off from the bottom plate, and the general 3M glue is still there. Direct coverage is available, no need to remove glue, because the glue removal project is huge, and the actual test will have more layers of primer without affecting the trigger. The three positioning holes should be aligned, and the bottom of the sensor is 3M double-sided tape. Under the un-teared surface, the position of the installation is roughly simulated. Otherwise, rushing to the operation leads to sticking in an undesired position, affecting the trigger. Reloading: Align the two positioning holes of the plastic part with the metal base plate, and then screw up. Tip: Take a photo with one step and it’s easy to recover.


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