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TOP 05 CYMBALS UNDER ₹ 15000 IN INDIA 2020 Leave a comment

 “Cymbals can be seen in musical bands to give a special kind of music and your budget which is limited and search for a special and quality Cymbals, then in this article, we will show you the cymbals for your attention. We will try and show you with special features, and their features will suit your budget, so let’s see the top five Cymbals which can be seen within the ₹ 15000 range”

1. Sabian 218XFC 18-inch AAX Freq Crash Cymbal

  • The intense, open-cut goes beyond the focused high-pitch of other rock cymbals
  • Unique dual lathing makes for a Freq-y Crash that looks as good as it sounds
  • A Cymbal Vote 2013 Winner
  • Sound: Bright
  • Country of Origin: Canada
Item Weight 680 g
Product Dimensions 45.7 x 45.7 x 3.8 cm
Item Model Number 218XFC
Color Golden
Size 18″

2.Meinl Cymbals HCS-FX HCS Cymbal

  • Effects pack stacker — included in the HCS effects pack is a 10” splash and a 12” china
  • Cymbal stacker attachment — equipped with felt washers
  • Designed for beginners and students — Meinl HCS cymbals are designed for beginner
  • Made in Germany
  • Full range of sounds — unique to this price range
  • Great for instructors — Meinl HCS cymbals are made for new players
  • Manufacturer disclaimer — typographical or grammatical errors found in the bullet point
  • More from MEINL Cymbals: amazon.com/meinlcymbals


Cymbals are not returnable. Providing you with a pair of warm, harmonical effects cymbals, the Meinl HCS Stack Pack is the ideal way to spice up your drum sound. First of all, you get a 10″ splash that provides you with an immediate, cutting bright response that’s ideal for fast accents. You also get a 12″ china that delivers an explosive, brash, bright attack with deep, dark, trashy undertones – perfect for when you want to create a little drama. Complete with a FREE cymbal stacker attachment, the Meinl HCS Stack Pack will make a seriously ferocious addition to your drum kit! Crafted in Germany from durable MS63 brass alloy, Meinl HCS cymbals can take a serious beating and still deliver excellent musical pitches and tones.

3.Zildjian S20TC 200-inch S Series Thin Crash Cymbal

  • B12 Alloy: 88 percent Copper,
  • 12 percent Tin – produces the perfect balance of low,
  • middle and high frequencies, fully Lathed: Top and bottom lathing
  • Extensive hammering: Gives these cymbals a dialled-in sonic response
  • 20 inch S Series Thin Crash Cymbal
  • Bright Sound



Just so you know… Cymbals are not returnable. An exhaustive two-year research and design project by the Zildjian Sound Lab results in a modern cymbal voice from the legendary Zildjian Company. The S20TC S Series 20″ Thin Crash from Zildjian is an expressive cymbal with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. It features a B12 alloy (88% copper, 12% tin) coupled with cutting edge modern manufacturing techniques that produce a cymbal capable of a wide range of musical expression. Zildjian S20TC S Series 20″ Thin Crash Cymbal Features: B12 Alloy: 88% Copper, 12% Tin – produces the perfect balance of low, middle, and high frequencies Fully Lathed: Top and bottom lathed – Crafted to perfection in weight, feel, and sound Extensive Hammering: Gives these cymbals a dialed-in sonic response throughout all dynamic ranges Brilliant Finish.

4.Sabian 21687XB 16-inch AAX X-Plosion Crash Cymbal

  • Also available in HHX “Modern Dark” models
  • A Killer crash that blows through any volume and any music
  • Penetrating definition with total presence and power
  • Sound: Bright
  • Country of Origin: Canada

Cymbals are not returnable. Sabian’s 16″ AAX X-Plosion Crash Cymbal is uber-fast, exploding with the power only a thinner cymbal can serve up. The X-Plosion Crash gives you jaw-dropping definition and punchy accents at all volumes. Top drummers play Sabian When you fortify your drum kit with Sabian cymbals, you’re in good company. Hand-made in a small village in Eastern Canada, Sabian cymbals have spiced the top end of countless hit records for over 30 years. Ace drummers such as Mike Portnoy, Terry Bozzio, Neil Peart, and Dave Weckl look to Sabian for the shimmer atop their drum kits – and you should, too! Sabian 16″ AAX X-Plosion Crash Cymbal Features at a Glance: 16″ AAX X-Plosion Crash Explodes with the power only thinner cymbals can provide Amazing definition and punchy accents at all volume levels Musical and durable B20 bronze Aged.

5.Zildjian 8″ K Zildjian Splash Cymbal (K0857)

  • Full-bodied, quick, short, dark crash.
  • Copper Tin ratio of 80/20

Cymbals are not returnable. The Zildjian 8″ K Splash cymbal sports full-bodied performance for those quick hits, with a quick decay and dark character. The 8″ K Splash, part of the K Zidjian series, features a old school finish, making it a fine complement to your kit both visually and sonically. This splash cymbal is perfect for all kinds of music, from jazz to country to world styles. It offers clean, articulate performance while adding a incredible accent to your cymbal setup. Don’t settle for just any splash cymbal; add more life to your kit with the incredible sound of the Zildjian 8″ K Splash! Zildjian 8″ K Splash Cymbal at a Glance: Cast bronze for premium tone and projectionIncredible performance, classic sound Sweet performance, classic sound If you want a sound that’s always in style, go with K Zildjian cymbals.


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