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TOP 05 ELECRONIC DRUM PADS UNDER 7000 IN 2020 Leave a comment

“Looking at the drum pad modernly, its identity is contributing greatly in the field of music. Drum pads have become very important especially as DJs and Hip Hop Songs and for this we spend a lot of time trying to see important and useful drum sets and we can give you a range of just ₹ 7000 in this article. Inside, we will try to show the Top Five electronic drum pads, which along with their features and other features will make every effort to play a key role in proving them very useful and effective.”

1.Powerpak G3001L-P Electronic Drum



  • Portable and Professional Drum: 7 pads
  • This drum is powered by Computer, laptop, or DC 5V USB Charger
  • Built in Speaker bring super bass effect
  • Easy Carry – Silicon Foldable Drum 
  • Package Contain:- 1 x Roll Up Drum, 2 x Drum Sticks,
  • 1 x USB Cable,
  • 1 x AUX Cable,
  • 2 x Pedals, 1 x User Manual



Upgraded 7-Pad Roll-Up Drum Pad Set – Upgraded Version – This upgraded version fun and portable drum set with 7 drum pads and 2 pedals, It could be played anywhere, as is powered by Computer, laptop or DC 5V USB Charger, The drum also could connect with headset, phone and computer with USB MIDI Jack and 3.5mm audio plug to play any drum game. This is a great way to help children practice and improve – they can start with easy tracks then gradually build up to something more complex. Rock & Roll – If you want to rock in deep bass outside but it is not convenient to take a speaker along with you, just try this electronic drum set. Build-in speaker could bring super bass effect. And the 7 featured pads that are heavily sensitive when you strike with drumsticks. Characteristics Built in Speaker with Super Bass Effect Portable to anywhere USB MIDI Jack and 3.5mm Audio Plug Variety Sounds: Tom, Snare, Hi-Hat, Crash, Ride, Hi-Hat High-Quality Material: Silicone Instructions: – 1. Press DATA+ or DATA- to select timbre, press UTILITY and hold it down to light first LED 2. When the second LED brightens, press DATA+ or DATA- to adjust volume. 3. Press UTILITY and hold it down to light second LED. 4. Press START/STOP to play or stop DEMO SONG. 5. When third LED brightens, press DATA+ or DATA- to select DEMO SONG. 6. Presso TEMPO+/_ to change speed. 7. Press Click to play or stop metronome. 8. When the fourth LED brightens, press DATA+ or DATA-to select rhythm. 9. USB MIDI Jack, connect with computer to play all drum game 10. USB Micro Jack, connect with computer, laptop, tablet PC or mobile phone to charge. Specifications: Built-in speaker: 2*2W Dimension: 17.32 x 11.02 x 0.24 inch Net Weight: 2.42 lb Package Contain :- 1 x Roll Up Drum, 2 x Drum Sticks, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x AUX Cable, 2 x Pedals, 1 x User Manual

2.QAWACHH® Electronic Portable Drum


  • Package included: 1 x Electronic Drum 1 x pair Drumstick 2 x Pedal 1 x USB Cable
  • Audio input and output,
  • excellent expandability for other devices.
  • Powered by 2 X aaa batteries or dc 5v port
  • Built-in Speakers : Best Gift for kids,
  • Record mode: save and playback your drum sessions – (9) drum pads with touch sensitivity



Description: Name: Roll Up Electronic Drum Color: Black white Size: 455 x 325 x 60MM Material: Silicon , Plastic Support DTX electronic drum game. Features: 1) Dual speakers, super bass. 2) 7 tritone standard drum pads. 3) Use pedal,hi-hat simulate the real effect. 4) You can play pop, rock, Latin, electronic and other styles. 5) USB MIDI output, support for DTX electronic drum game. 6) Built-in metronome basic fucntions,training a good sense of rhythm. 7) An external headphone output,you can practice without disturbing others. 8) Drums using pedal simulation,hands and feet like real drums exercises. 9) Micro USB can be simultaneously powered and connected with the computer. 10) Hi-hat and snare drum position can be interchangeable to suit the player’s handedness.

3.DivineXt Sourcingbay Portable Electronic Roll up Drum Pad


  • Professional demo inside, convenient to shtudy.
  • Accompaniment inside, temp adjustable (40-208),
  • gives you the best way to study and practice
  • Standard drum setting and expansive pedal
  • Portable and professional drum.
  • Audio input and output, excellent expandability for other devices. Powered by 2 X aaa batteries or dc 5v port



DivineXt is the registered brand of Enivid Sales Corporation. We suggest buying original product by seller Enivid Sales who is wholesaler as well as retailer. We take responsibility for only products purchased from Enivid Sales. We will not responsible for products ordered from other seller. So buy original products only from Enivid Sales & have a safe shopping. Enivid Sales serving buyers from many years. We achieved high customer standard services by our long experience.

4.SUKHAD Portable Mini USB Interface Kids Silicone Foldable Electronic Roll up Digital Drum Pad


  • The world’s first multi-functional portable, and profession drum
  • High quality drum sound inside, brings you nature and powerful sound effect.
  • Standard drum setting and expansive pedal make you feel absolutely the same as real drum.
  • Portable fashionable And easy to carry
  • Material : Silicone , Colour : Black & White , Package Included : 1 X Drum kit



  • Unlike a non electric drum set this model can be completely moved from place to place with ease.
  • Simply moving the main unit and sticks you can play here or there with a complicated gang of instruments and drums.
  • Compact is a keyword here because it really is a breeze to pick up and play without hassle
  • Foldable design – Capable to carry around, not matter on plane, trip, home, etc.
  • With record function, you can record your inspiration anywhere anytime.

5.Divinezon W758 Digital Portable 9 Pad


  • SOUND: Drum pads effectively reproduce real expression.
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY: You can play out loud to share your music w
  • PLAYING ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Whether you are playing in a concert
  • SAVE SPACE: Our roll up drum pad with unique roll-up and portable
  • ASSURANCE: If you are not satisfied with our product you received
  • you can choose free return or full refund.



Condition : 100% Brand New
Material : Silicone + Plastic + Metal
Optional Color : Black, Colorful
Input : DC5V/500mA (2 x AAA Battery, Not Included)
Output Power : 50mW
Size : Approx. 38 x 27.5 x 2.5cm / 15.0 x 10.8 x 1.0inch
Weight : Approx. 909g

Package List:
1 x Digital Drum
2 x Drum Stick
2 x Foot Pedal
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual



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